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# Presentations I have Given (I like to keep my offshoot pages simple)

naev: A presentation on my most recent project naev naev(dot)page
Computer Security 101: An introduction to Computer Security covering mindset, topics, careers, and oppurtunities.
Wireless Security Vulnerabilities and Solutions: A presentation on current wireless security vulnerabilities, how they can be performed, and the defenses that exist against them.
Ethereum Security at Scale: A presntation of the paper "Finding the Greedy, Prodigal and Self-Destructive Smart Contracts at Scale
Reverse Engineering Twitter Spammers: A presentation of the paper "A Taste of Tweets: Reverse Engineering Twitter Spammers"
llss: A presentation covering my recent project llss llss(dot)page
OSINT 101: An introduction to OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and how it can be used in the Infosec world
SIGPwny Tutorial Meeting: An introductory meeting to SIGPwny, covers important content such as how to access shells etc.
Digital Computer Architecture: A presentation about representing computer architecture within digital environments (Minecraft)